About Me

Hey there – I’m Scott Redgate, an online marketing coach who lives in Virginia with my wife and 2 kids! Thanks for stopping by!

Back in 2011...

I was working at a digital marketing agency managing campaigns for both small businesses and big brands. It dawned on me that my clients had the tools, data, and team to handle marketing themselves - they just lacked the roadmap.

I kept thinking "With the right guidance combined with their business knowledge, they could save tens of thousands each month and get AMAZING results!"

I knew there had to be a better way to help companies maximize their online marketing without overspending. So I took my decade+ of experience running multi-million dollar SEO and PPC efforts and turned it into hands-on coaching for small and mid-sized businesses.

Now I help dozens of companies every month boost their revenue and ROI through online marketing coaching and training.

My Goal

My goal is to help you hit your revenue targets AND improve your marketing return through smart digital marketing efforts. You don’t need a huge budget or marketing degree to start seeing results.

With just 30 spare minutes per day, we can get momentum building. It comes down to having a proven playbook for optimizing paid and organic growth.

To get you started on this journey, I have a free guide that I want to give to you.

It’s my 7-day online marketing jumpstart document. It's designed to help you achieve three things:

  • Make more: This document provides strategies and tactics to help you increase your online marketing results by providing a solid foundation you can build off of.
  • Spend less: You'll learn how to optimize your campaigns for efficiency and avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • Gain confidence: By taking control of your own marketing, you'll develop the skills and knowledge to manage your campaigns effectively, without having to hire an agency.

As a bonus, this document includes a bunch of the tasks that most agencies charge over $5,000 for in their onboarding. Save that money and gain the confidence that you can manage it yourself!

You got this!


Download the PDF
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