Top Data & Insights from Performance Max Campaigns

Performance Max campaigns offer advertisers access to all of their Google Ads inventory through a single campaign. This allows for more effective targeting of potential customers across all of Google’s channels, including YouTube, Display, and Search. Performance Max can be a great way to supplement your Search campaigns and help you reach more customers.

One of the biggest complaints about Performance Max campaigns is the lack of transparency & data advertisers receive. So what reports do exist? Here is a list of the top insights we currently have access to:

  1. Placement Report: The placement report in Performance Max can help advertisers understand where their ads are serving. This information may help with brand safety efforts by informing campaigns of where their ads are appearing. However, the data only shows impressions and not clicks.
  2. Landing Page Report: The Landing Page report in Google Analytics is a valuable tool for understanding how visitors are interacting with your website. The report can help you identify which pages are driving the most traffic and whether that traffic is translating into clicks and conversions. By understanding which pages are performing well and which ones need improvement, you can focus your efforts on optimizing your site for the best results with Performance Max.
  3. Insights Tab: The Insights tab inside of Google Performance Max campaigns can be useful for seeing how your campaigns are performing over time. You can select either a week-over-week or month-over-month view to see a table of conversion value, cost, ROAS, and conversions. Scrolling down further, you can see search terms grouped into categories and the number of searches that have occurred within each category for the period. This information can help you to understand which search terms are driving the most conversions and optimize your campaigns accordingly.

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