How to Show Up in YouTube Search With Video Ads

Want your video ads to show up directly in the search results when people look for related topics on YouTube? It's a great way to get your content in front of an audience that's already interested and actively searching. Here's exactly how to set it up:

  1. Create a New Campaign: In Google Ads, start a new campaign and choose the "without a goal's guidance" option to see all available ad formats (this may be a controversial take but it is my preferred selection!)

    create campaign without goals guidance

  2. Choose the Video Campaign Type: This tells Google you want to focus on video advertisements.

    choose video campaign type

  3. Select a Campaign Subtype like 'Video Views': This limits your available bid options but keeps things simple.

    video view subtype

  4. Name Your Campaign and Set Your Budget: Choose a name that helps you identify this campaign and decide how much you're willing to spend per day.

    campaign name and budget

  5. Target Your Networks/Audiences: Unselect the 'Video partners on the Google Display Network' option. Select the countries and languages that match the people you want to reach.

    continue campaign creation

  6. Choose Your Keywords: These words and phrases signal to Google when your ad is relevant to a YouTube search. Think about what people might search to find videos like yours. Note: this isn't as specific as phrase or exact match keyword targeting.

    select keywords

  7. Select "In-feed Video Ad": This specific ad format is what makes your ad eligible to appear within YouTube search results.

    in feed video ad selection

  8. Customize Your Ad: Upload your video, a compelling thumbnail image, write an attention-grabbing headline and description.

    create ad


And that's it - go ahead and submit your ad and campaign! 

This puts your content directly in front of people who are already interested and looking for videos just like yours. It's an incredibly powerful way to increase visibility, get more views, and ensure you're not just getting lost in the endless sea of YouTube uploads.

**Important Note**

This specific ad format makes your ad eligible to appear within YouTube search results. However, Google notes that in-feed video ads can also show up in other placements like next to related videos or on the YouTube homepage.While the primary goal here is to get your videos discoverable in the YouTube search results, selecting "In-feed Video Ad" opens up the potential for additional visibility in other sections of the YouTube platform.

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