Create Better Image Assets in Google Performance Max

When you advertise in Google Ads, you want great results. Image Assets inside of Google Ads can make a HUGE difference in the performance of your campaigns.

Best Practices According to Google

According to Google, here are a few things to keep in mind when creating display ads: it’s important to remember that your product or service should be the focus of the image. You should also preserve the original image, ensuring that it’s the focus of the advertisement. Additionally, you should avoid overlaid logos and text, as well as overlaid buttons. Finally, try to avoid collages whenever possible.

Other Helpful Image Asset Tips

My best practices are slightly different! When creating a Google image asset, it is important to keep in mind Google’s advertising policies. However, you should also test different ideas to see what works best for your brand. Crisp images and simple designs tend to work well, and it can be helpful to use unique imagery if possible. You should also aim to avoid small text in your image, as it can be difficult to read.

Performance Max Image Best Practices

Performance Max is Google’s latest goal-based advertising campaign. As a marketer, you know that your creative assets are some of your most powerful tools in Google Ads. They’re what help you to drive performance and reach your goals. That’s why it’s so important to keep them fresh. Google Performance Max Best Practices recommend that you refresh your creative assets on a regular basis. This means adding new assets as your marketing message evolves and as your needs change. It also means deleting assets with ‘’low’’ ratings, without replacing them with new ones. More assets mean more ad combinations, which gives you more opportunities to reach your target audience.

Canva: A Free Tool That Helps Create Great Images

Canva can help you make the most of your Google Ads by providing access to high-quality images and allowing you to size them exactly to Google’s specifications. With Canva, you can also remove backgrounds from images automatically, and use free stock imagery in your ads. Additionally, Canva’s overlays can help you create more eye-catching ads, and the ability to save your brand colors can help you save time when creating new ads. If you’re looking to improve your Google Ads performance, Canva is a great tool to consider.

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