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Hey! I've created a helpful keyword match type generator tool that wraps your keyword with the keyword match type symbol of your choice.

You can use it here:

Google Ads Match Type Generator

Understanding match types remains essential even as Google Ads evolves. Google changed the name of the platform from 'Google AdWords' to 'Google Ads' in 2018  and it signaled that campaigns beyond search like YouTube and Gmail would gain prominence (i.e., Performance Max). Even with this extra focus on new campaign types, properly leveraging Search keyword match types like broad match, phrase match and exact match is vital for successful ad accounts.

Most Google Ads professionals (including myself) have recommendations for which match types perform the best most of the time. But the best way to shape your strategy is to look at your data!

Checking the Data

Checking the data within your account provides visibility into how your different match types are performing. Here's how to access that report:

Select 'Report editor' followed by 'Create report'. In the Google Ads Report Editor, create a custom report with these parameters:

  • Row: Search keyword match type
  • Columns: Clicks, Cost, Impressions, Conversion Value, Conversion Value over Cost, and any other Conversion metrics that are important to you

What The Data Shows

The report data reveals the performance of each match type based on metrics like conversions and return on ad spend. 

Before shifting resources or pausing underperforming match types, investigate why there may be discrepancies. Possibilities include:

  • Poor keyword choices for one match type vs another
  • Outdated bid strategies
  • Campaigns use one match significantly more than others


While Google Ads has expanded beyond its search roots, mastering Search keyword match types (broad, phrase, and exact) remains fundamental to campaign effectiveness. Data-driven insights hold the key to unlocking your account's full potential!

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