Scott Redgate

Why You Should Rank Number One in Google

There are many benefits to ranking number one in Google search.

First and foremost, ranking number one means that you will receive the majority of clicks from searchers. This is because the majority of people do not bother scrolling down to the second page of results.

Second, ranking number one can help increase brand awareness for your domain, even if no one clicks on your link. People who see your website as the top result may still be influenced by it even if they don’t click through.

Third, ranking number one increases the likelihood that someone will click on your website from the I’m Feeling Lucky Button.

Fourth, ranking number one makes your website more powerful in terms of link popularity. Other websites are more likely to link to a website that is already ranking high in the search engines.

Fifth, being highly ranked in the organic results can help reduce your reliance on paid advertising. Paid advertising can be expensive, and if you’re already getting good traffic from organic search, you may not need it as much.

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