Facebook Advantage+ vs Google Performance Max

Which campaign type is best for you? Advantage+ from Facebook or Performance Max from Google Ads?

In this article, we’ll take a look at the features of each and help you decide which is the best for your business.

What are Facebook Advantage+ Campaigns?

Advantage+ Campaigns are Facebook Ads’ new ‘simplified’ campaign model. Essentially, they are an easier way to set up campaigns, reducing the amount of manual input required by allowing Facebook to automatically choose tailored campaign settings on your behalf.

Unlike traditional campaigns on Facebook Ads, an Advantage+ Campaign combines the campaign objective (‘ conversions’) with optimization and delivery in one simplified process. This means that you no longer have to choose separate settings for each of these factors – Facebook will do it all for you, based on your specified goal.

Advantage+ Benefits

  • Increased Efficiency: By automating the campaign setup process, Advantage+ Campaigns save you time and effort in setting up your Facebook Ads campaigns.
  • Better Results*: Facebook’s algorithms are constantly being updated, and so by taking advantage of an Advantage+ Campaign you can be sure that your campaign is benefiting from the latest changes.
  • Access to More Features: As well as the streamlined campaign setup, Advantage+ Campaigns also give you access to features such as Additional Optimization and Custom Audiences that are not available with traditional conversion campaigns.

Overall, Advantage+ Campaigns offer a number of advantages over traditional campaigns on Facebook Ads. If you’re looking to set up a conversion campaign on Facebook Ads, then an Advantage+ Campaign is a good choice.

What are Google Performance Max Campaigns?

Google Ads is always introducing new features to help businesses succeed. One of the newest campaign types is the Performance Max campaign. This type of campaign allows businesses to access all of their Google Ads inventory from a single campaign. The campaign is designed to complement keyword-based search campaigns and help businesses find more converting customers across all channels.

How Does Performance Max Work?

A Performance Max campaign combines multiple ad types from different networks into a single campaign. This means that businesses can now access all of their potential customers with a single campaign, rather than running separate campaigns for each network. Even though the campaign setup is simple, there are still several things you can do to improve Performance Max results. The ad types that are included in a Performance Max campaign are as follows:

  • Search: Text ads that appear on Google.com when someone searches for a keyword that is relevant to your business.
  • Display: Visually appealing ads that appear on websites in the Google Display Network.
  • YouTube: Ads that appear on YouTube videos, typically before.
  • Gmail: Sponsored Promotions that appear in people’s Gmail inboxes.
  • Apps: Ads that appear in Android mobile apps.
  • Discovery: Discovery ads are displayed on YouTube Home and Watch Next feeds, Discover, and the Gmail Promotions and Social tabs.
  • Maps: Ads that are integrated inside of Google Maps.

Performance Max Benefits

The main benefit of a Performance Max campaign is that it allows businesses to reach more potential customers with their message. By combining all of these different ad types into a single campaign, businesses can make sure that they are reaching people wherever they are spending their time online. In addition, Performance Max campaigns are managed using Smart Bidding, which is an automated bidding strategy that uses machine learning to optimize bids for conversions. As a result, businesses can rest assured knowing that their campaigns are always being optimized for the best results possible.

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