How to Advertise on a Specific Website (Using Google Display Ads)

Are you tired of wasting part of your monthly ad budget on junk traffic? What if you could advertise directly on the websites your ideal customers visit regularly? It's possible with Google Ads' managed placement display campaigns.

With this strategy, you can handpick the exact websites where you want your ads to appear. No more guessing games - your ads get in front of a ultra-relevant audience.

Here's how to set it up in just a few steps:

  1. Create a Display Campaign in Google Ads

    In your Google Ads account, create a new "Display" campaign. This will allow you to run ads across various websites.

  2. Set Your Location Targeting

    Decide if you want to target locally by zipcode/city or more broadly by state/country. You can narrow or expand your geographic targeting as needed.

  3. Choose Your "Managed Placements"

    This is where the magic happens. Use Google's tool to search for and add the specific websites you want to advertise on as "managed placements." You can enter websites you know your customers frequent, or search by keyword.manual placement setup

  4. Create Your Responsive Ad

    Design responsive display ads with images, logos, headlines and descriptions to grab attention when they're served on those high-value placements.

It's that easy! Your ads will be shown directly to your target audience when they visit those chosen websites.

But here's a pro-tip that could be a game-changer:

Check if your competitors' websites are on the Google Display Network. If so, you may be able to run ads on their website (as long as they haven't blocked you)! This allows you to poach some of their traffic.

The pros of managed placements are:

  • Hyper-targeted to websites your customers visit
  • Very high relevance to your audience
  • Ability to "steal" clicks from competition

The cons are:

  • More manual work in setup
  • Limited to sites on Google's ad network
  • Possibly higher costs for premium placements

Still, for businesses wanting to laser-focus their advertising, managed placements could unlock a ton of high-intent, cost-effective leads. No more wasted ad spend!

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