Asset Groups vs Listing Groups in Google Performance Max

When creating a Performance Max campaign in Google Ads, two key terms that you will see are “asset groups” and “listing groups“. So, what’s the difference between the two?

Asset Groups

An asset group is a collection of creatives centered on a theme or related to a target audience. The creatives of your asset group are used to assemble all of your ads and build an inventory for all applicable ad formats for your advertising objective.

Within your Performance Max campaign’s asset group, you can specify which products you want to be served up in your Performance Max campaign ads.

Listing Groups

Listing groups are made up of listings, which currently include both products and collections (groups of products and assets).

You can think of listing groups as “product groups” within your Performance Max campaign. Just like asset groups, you can specify which products you want to be served up in your ads, and you can target specific listing groups with your ad campaigns.

So there you have it! A quick overview of asset groups and listing groups within Google Performance Max.

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